Al Mansoori Group was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in Dubai (UAE). The Group manages ventures with a commitment to preserve legacy, build future and gain results. The Al Mansoori entities offer consultancy and technology solutions to clients, mainly focusing on the UAE, GCC region and Africa markets. Al Mansoori Group has international cooperation with experienced and prime brands across the world.

Preserve Legacy. Build Future. Gain Results.

The Mid East region, and in particular, the UAE is a place with a rich and impressive history. At Al Mansoori Group, we are committed to preserve this precious legacy. We believe the future belongs to those who makes it today, by incorporating valuable learning from the past. The privilege of being active in one of the most dynamic parts of the world is the breeding grounds to realize solid economic results.

Long term sustainable innovation.

We invest long term in sustainable innovation and entities with the goal of nurturing ecological prosperity and economic growth in the UAE and the defined other geographic markets to produce economically reasonable returns. We support entrepreneurial talents with our resources and relations with the aim of developing their ideas and visions to market maturity and beyond.

Committed to strong values.

Al Mansoori Group we believe that business doesn’t create value, but people do. We’re committed to strong values, which are reflected in everything we do.



Success Oriented