Welcome to Al Mansoori Group

The Group manages ventures across the Middle East with a commitment to Preserve Legacy, Build Future and Gain Results.

Al Mansoori Group offers consultancy and technology solutions to clients, mainly focusing on the UAE, GCC region and Africa markets. It has international cooperation and representations of prime brands from across the world.

Strategic Sectors

Green Technology

We’re constantly searching for strategies, technologies and solutions to reduce the human impacts on the environment, with a key focus to¬†

  • Power – Improve Generation, Distribution and Consumption of Power
  • Waterreducing water consumption and enabling clean water production
  • Light – next generation of lighting / control, reduction of light impact on the environment

Food Technology

Food supply security, avoidance of food waste and improvement of food quality are at the core of our activities.

Our focus is on Indoor Vertical Farming (IVF) as well as on optimizing greenhouse technologies

ReCycling / UpCycling

We’re evaluating, researching and developing ways to ecologically as well as economically harvest the inherent potential in goods declared as waste.