Al Mansoori Group

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Al Mansoori Group was founded in 1981 and is headquartered
in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The Group, consisting of a significant growing number of international and local focused enterprises and ventures,  manages multiple and diverse companies with a commitment to preserve legacy, build future and gain results.

The group consists of enterprises, providing economical viable consultancy and technology focused solutions to clients in the UAE, the GCC region and the world, in cooperation with our experienced and prime brand partners from across the world.


In the defined target markets and sectors, Al Mansoori Group is growing it’s business organic as well as non-organic, seeking for a controlling stake in interesting companies and ventures.

We are interested to learn about respective ventures (PE and selective VC)





We invest in
  • Private equity and venture capital with the aim of achieving positive macroeconomic, social, and environmental impact as well as financial returns
  • Innovative ideas and solutions that address the long-term Middle East Region needs and challenges



Our investments are proactively manage, capitalize on synergies, and accompanied for the benefit of the companies themselves as well as the Group. We look for investment opportunities that:

  • Following the principles of impact investing
  • Strive for controlling stake in the defined core sectors, with an active involvement in the corporate management
  • Pursue private equity long-term focused engagements
  • Has potential for a top three market position


Address Business Bay, Burlington Tower Office 2114, Dubai (UAE)
Phone +971 (4) 551 9331
PO Box 909